Davivienda enters a transformation with purpose | Sponsored Content

Davivienda enters a transformation with purpose |  Sponsored Content

Although today everyone talks about it, and digital transformation is the obligatory conversation in business forums, for Davivienda digital transformation is not an end in itself, but rather it is the path to more efficient, more sustainable banking. , more focused on the client, on its people and equipped for the challenges of the future.

With these goals in mind, Davivienda set out to put technology at the service of these strategic objectives: offer faster, more intuitive and secure applications and services, improve efficiency, and promote an environmental commitment and talent development adapted to an increasingly more digital and interconnected.

The Acelera initiative, which began to take shape at the end of 2021, is a long-term transformation plan that began with the migration of numerous services to the cloud, allowing the bank to face challenges such as digital obsolescence, high operating costs, and improve both service availability and customer experience.

Catching up on technology: efficiency, security and agility for customers

In an environment where innovation is constant and progressive, technological obsolescence poses numerous challenges. The integration of services and applications becomes arduous, the agility to meet market demands is lost, applications slow down and deploying innovations becomes a cumbersome process. Operating costs tend to be high and application incidents are frequent. Additionally, without up-to-date technical support, maintenance becomes more expensive and complex, and business continuity and security are compromised.

The ‘Acelera’ project, carried out by Davivienda in collaboration with Microsoft and Accenture, has exceeded its initial modernization goals. By adopting advanced technologies from Microsoft, the bank has reduced its technological obsolescence by 30%. Additionally, the migration of more than 20 critical applications to the cloud, including essential customer-facing and business support systems, has doubled processing speed and raised availability to 99.9%, a goal that previously seemed unattainable, allowing the bank to respond with agility and effectiveness to the changing needs of the business, marking a milestone in its technological trajectory.
This transformation has meant savings of 5.5 billion pesos in operating costs and has increased team productivity by 25%. With faster and more secure applications, the bank has increased efficiency and delivered better results with fewer resources.

As a result, processes that previously took up to two months are now completed in a matter of hours.

“Without a doubt, the ultimate goal of these innovations had the Davivienda customer at their center. “The improvement in the customer experience with more agile and secure applications has sensitized the bank’s staff to the needs of users and has better aligned the technological teams with the business objectives”assured Mario Fernando Botina, vice president of Technology at Davivienda.

The ‘on-premise’ infrastructure and manual processes not only hindered development and innovation, but also implied high costs and risks for Davivienda, in addition to increasing its carbon footprint.

Aware of the importance of caring for the planet, Davivienda has integrated environmental sustainability as a strategic axis of its operations. “At Davivienda we are convinced that through innovation and technology we can generate a positive impact on society and, as is the case in this case, on the planet, which we see as our home, that house that we want to be more prosperous and greener. ”says Ricardo León, Executive Vice President of Media at Davivienda.

Migration to the cloud has been key for this purpose: it is more environmentally friendly, reduces energy consumption and, therefore, CO2 emissions. Additionally, through the development of automations, they have managed to turn off the infrastructure when it is not in use, achieving significant energy savings and avoiding the emission of 50 tons of CO2 in the last 12 months.

None of these efforts would make sense if the bank had not put its most valuable asset at the center of the project: people. For this reason, ‘Acelera’ focused its actions on enabling their talent.

Thus, at the heart of the project was the training of more than 150 people, who developed new skills in cloud technologies such as Azure Site Recovery, automatic image preparation and the use of ‘Share Files’ to create high availability in applications , strengthening their skills to face the challenges of a digital world and customers with high expectations.

This expanded team received intensive training in the use of the technologies they were implementing, managing to give them the most appropriate use, applying good practices and reducing implementation times, improving ‘time to market’.

Acelera became much more than a digital change. It became a true cultural transformation within Davivienda. “We challenge the status quo, we do not settle for convention, we discover that by breaking work silos and transforming processes we achieve exceptional results. “We raise awareness among people and implement significant improvements, demonstrating that we can be more efficient every day.”says Mario Fernando Botina, vice president of Technology at Davivienda.

The project brought together many people and many teams at the bank, who took on the task of working collaboratively to achieve these results and change the traditional way of working with a mentality of empowerment thanks to technology. Little by little, the bank’s employees have understood that these advances give them the opportunity to dedicate time to truly important activities by simplifying processes that were previously complex, thus opening the doors for creativity and innovation.

The multidisciplinary team that gave rise to ‘Acelera’ took on the task of raising awareness among the teams about many of these changes and expediting their adoption. But it is the results and benefits in efficiency, costs, carbon emissions, skills acquisition and speed of response to business and customer demands that have spoken for themselves. ‘Acelera’ has demonstrated with figures, results and benefits why these transformations are necessary and have revolutionized the work culture of the Casita Roja.

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